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Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup Pro is rated as the #1 root app on Google Play Store. It has been the most trusted backup app for users since a very long time. Features offered by Titanium Backup Pro Apk are vast. The main features of Titanium Backup Pro App includes the allowance to backup, restore, freeze phone content without any restrictions.

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Along with the features, various permissions are needed for smooth operation of Titanium Backup Pro for Android. This is the reason why it works only on rooted devices. You can also schedule the backups using Titanium Backup Pro. It has a simple interface for easy operation. Titanium Backup Pro Apk can turn out to be a very useful application during any desire of user to carry out a factory data reset.

Features of Titanium Backup Pro

  • Backup and Restore content with ease
  • It can freeze applications which are installed on your device
  • Encryption
  • You can keep multiple backups per app
  • Dalvik cache cleaner
  • You can restore content from TWRP and CWM backups
  • You can schedule unlimited backups

Download Titanum Backup Pro APP for Android

You can download Titanium Backup Pro using these two processes. However, you have to root your phone to download Titanium Backup Pro for Android. For a rooted device, you can directly use either one of these processes. For a non-rooted device, root your device using Kingroot and then proceed ahead.

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Download Titanium Backup Pro app for Android via Google Play Store

Google Play Store is an open source platform for downloading Android applications on any Android device. You can download Titanium Backup Pro for Android following these easy steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on your device.
  • Search for Titanium Backup Pro in the search bar. You’ll notice that a search list will appear with a list of applications.
  • Click on the option reading ‘Titanium Backup Pro.’ A new window will appear with Install option and information regarding features of Titanium Backup Pro app. Click on the install option.

Google Play Store will automatically install the application and take care of future updates for free.

Download Titanium Backup Pro apk for Android via Sideloading
  • Click on the link provided in this article to download Titanium Backup Pro APK for Android.
  • Once downloaded, go to your phone settings and make sure that the ‘Unknown Sources’ option has been checked right.
  • Now click on the downloaded APK. A window will appear with ‘Install’ and ‘Cancel’ option. Click on the Install option.
  • Your device will manually install the application.

The Conclusion

Installation of Titanium Backup Pro would result in efficient protection of content on your device. Titanium Backup Pro enables users to restore, backup and freeze content. This content includes all of the application and files present in your device.
All the features and its sleek interface combine together to give Titanium Backup Pro for Android a tag of being the best backup app available on Android.

So far, we discussed how Titanium Backup Pro Apk works. It is a great app for Android users and you should try it out right away.

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