7 Best Personal Assistant App for Android like Siri

In this era of advanced technology, everyone wants their life to get easier by getting a lot of work done on their android device. There is virtual personal assistant app for android like Siri, which helps to do almost all the tasks, like answering your questions, sending multiple SMS’s, providing current news or weather forecast, alarm setting, locating a said destination, answering calls and lots more. These assistant apps help to enhance your mobility and increase your efficiency.

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Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android OS

Now it’s the best time to choose some of the best Siri like app for android, which are the recorded best inventions of Artificial Intelligence for Android OS.

  1. AVC (Alice):

Alice is a standard digital assistant, which has the ability to answer your questions on time, weather reports, reminders, stocks, stats or to solve mathematics problems. Apart from this, they also have features like calling, SMS sending, GPS navigation and translation.

  1. Google Now:

The best choice for personal voice assistant apps on Android device is Google Now. They foresee your needs, derive activation everywhere and act smoothly, just like driving a brand new car. Google Now provides you with Google Play Services and the Google Now Launcher keeps this assistant right in front of the device interaction.

  1. Dragon:

Dragon Mobile Assistant is one of the smartest, sleek and stylish app, which possess every single feature that Siri app provides to its users. Be it finding restaurants nearby or knowing the time of different countries, sending voice messages or opening complex apps, everything can be done with just a click on the button with this best personal assistant app.

  1. Sherpa Beta:

This virtual personal assistant app is widely known for its easy usage and the “Intelligent Proactive System Shertab” technology. However packed you are with your daily chores, Sherpa Beta’s numerous features lightens your life in few seconds. It does not require any downloading for any music that you want to listen, helps you find pubs or restaurants, answer your calls or read your tweets, updates you with current affairs and translate various languages.

  1. Andy:

Especially for students, who usually look on to Wikipedia for their query on various subjects such as, history, geography, technology, logics, science, religion etc., Andy app is recommended as their personal assistant for android phones. If you opt for the paid Andy app, then they even help you to get rid of the troublesome and unwanted ads.

  1. Assistant:

Assistant is the best personal assistant app android, which is a replica of Siri app. They help you fix meeting timings, provides navigation facility, recognises voices, tell jokes, etc.

  1. Indigo:

Indigo is one of those android personal assistants, which keeps you regularly connected to the world like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google Images and Maps, Twitter, YouTube, World Weather Online, Street view, and much more. Apart from these, Indigo app helps you control your music volume, set reminders, navigates, search restaurants or hospitals and entertains you constantly by telling jokes.

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With all these and much more best assistant for android, it’s actually tough to imagine our life without them in our expensive gadgets. Their multitasking ability makes our daily routine easy. So, we should not ignore the importance of these personal assistants, which make us live our lives hassle free and comfortable.

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