About Amazon and Customer Care Number


Amazon is one of the oldest E-commerce websites the world has ever seen, the E-commerce has been serving consumers for over a decade now, the E-commerce company has landed in India now for a decade now. They have been providing very good services over a decade in India now.


The company major move was to make ” Home delivery possible” after rival websites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal who has come to limelight after the websites have announced that one does not have to in advance to get a product from their website. Cash on delivery was introduced by Flipkart then later every started to adopt the system in the Indian E-commerce market.

Amazon is providing a large number of products on their website which includes Gadgets, tablets, laptops, smartphone and more without any compromise on quality. The company has very good communication to the customer by providing a wide range customer care service.

The customer care service has over 20 thousand employees working for the company to solve the query of the callers, questions and clear their doubts.

The customer care is known for their quality service of customer care, i would say that the have very good customer care but even Amazon customer care has parameters which is common problems which every customer find.

Even though the amazon customer care has limitations but you can get the 100% guaranteed policy on certain products by using the policy terms and conditions to get a replacement or return the goods, if you do not like and get your payment back.

Customer care has rules and regulations which every has to follow or you can say bye to your issue. Like i mentioned before Amazon is huge so the customer care is very limited even though they can themselves problem solver.

Amazon Customer Care:

If you are going to call the customer care for any query then you can be proceed with the number or the purpose of the call is for product return or replacement or even something else to do with your delivered product then you have follow few steps so that you can get the best out of the customer care.

  • Get the receipt of the product (You can find the receipt on the or inside of the package, Receipt is nothing but amazon bill invoice).

  • Make a list of issues you have with the delivered product or else you will not be getting a replacement or return (If i have ordered a Tablet then started to unpacking the package then i find the box to be opened already, this is the best reason to get replacement but make sure you provide a valid reasons or else you will never get a replacement).

  • Call the customer care and figure out what they can do for you.

Remember, always provide valid reasons to get what rightfully is yours.

Amazon Customer Care Number:

Amazon customer care number cccontactinfo is 1800 3000 9009.

This number is a Toll-free number and it is available for 24 hours a day.


Now that you are prepared for amazon customer care, go get what you deserve.

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